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Monday, November 14, 2011

Beginner's Guide Dragons Of Atlantis Part 1 Day 1-2

In every alliance I have been in people have asked me how I reach 100k~300k power before I get out of Protection without buying RUBIES This is how I do it. Also remember that I play 12~15hrs a day, so if you do the same thing you might not reach the same power as me because I play alot more, but you should still be able to hit 100k+ in power.

*Grab your boxes! They are in the Chest section of the items tab! Use all of your wood, metal, and stone boosters. They are in Production section of the items tab. They will increase how much you get of those resources per hr by 25%.

*Build 3 of each Lumbermill, Mine, and Quarry in your field. You don't need any farms because you get plenty of food from Camps. Upgrade 1 of each to a lvl 3. You should have 1 lvl 3 of each Lumbermill, Mine, and Quarry, and have 2 lvl 1 of each Lumbermill, Mine, and Quarry. This should give you 9 quest that'll give enought resources to move on.

*Build a Science Center and start researching  Woodcraft, Alloys, and Masonry. For now only research lvl 1 of Alloys and Masonry your gonna need your gold for Woodcraft.

*Build Homes and change Tax rate to 50%, you can do this by clicking on your Fortress.  I build 5 Homes.

*Build 5 Garrisons. You get a quest for each Garrison you build that'll give you back all the resources you used to build them and when your 5th 1 is finished you'll get a quest that'll give 10k of each resources. After 5 you will not get any more quest for building Garrisons!

*Upgrade Science Center to lvl 2 and research lvl 2 Woodcraft. Don't research Alloys or Masonry!

*Build a Factory, Metalsmith, Rookery, Officer's Quarters, and Muster Point. You don't need a Theater.   
*Upgrade Fortress to lvl 2. It'll give you 3 more plots in field to build resources and allow you to take an extra wilderness.

*Build more Lumbermills and Mines.  Upgrade all resources to lvl 3. When done you should have 14 resources that are all lvl 3!

*Upgrade Science Center to lvl 3 and research lvl 3 Woodcraft. If you don't have enough resources to upgrade then go to the next 1.

*Upgrade Fortress to lvl 3. If you couldn't upgrade Science Center before you should be able to do it now.

*Build more Lumbermills, Mines, and an few Quarries, and upgrade them to lvl 3.

*Upgrade all Homes to lvl 3. This will give you more gold for research.

*If you can upgrade Science Center to lvl 4 and research lvl 4 woodcraft (you will need to upgrade 1 lumbermill to level 4). After lvl 4 woodcraft is done research lvl 1~3 Weapons Calibration!

*Upgrade 1 Garrison from lvl 1~4. With lvl 1 Weapons Calibration and a lvl 4 Garrison you can make LBM (Longbowmen)!

*If you have the resources train 50 LBM! OR you can wait to build Swift Dragons (SSDS)

As soon as your LBMs are done you will be doing multiple things at a time!

*Now as for buildings you are going to work only on your Resources, lvl 6 Fortress, and lvl 5 Science center! While I'm on I work on my resources just upgrading all of them to the same level over and over till they are all lvl 5~6. When I'm going offline for a few hrs I upgrade my Science Center and Fortress since they take so long to upgrade! After Science Center reaches lvl 5 and Fortress reaches lvl 6 stop upgrading them for now and only work on resources! Do this for buildings for now.

Too much For this page Rest Is here <------ its the Link


  1. This has really helped me out, thankyou. But I'm not sure if you wrote anything previously about leveling up your great dragon as you go?

    1. actually when i wrote this guide u didnt have to get Your Dragon Leveled up to find the water dragon egg and after that update i was being lazy and didn't change the rest of guide just at the end added that line u are talking about..

  2. really helped thanks

  3. Im glad it worked for you guyz too I played on a new realm Recently and i got to 500k Power in the 7 dAys of Protection ... .. As there are Many New Outposts its really easy to get to that much Power


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