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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Glitch A City

How to glitch a city: 

This only works on abandoned cities.  
Find a city you think may be abandoned, send one spy.  If the resources are maxed out (all ending in 000), you may try to glitch it.
Attack with enough troops to take the city and enough at’s to take all resources at one time.
Important (if you do not take all resources, it will not work).
The first time you attack the city, be sure to delete the battle report before your troops get back to your city.
If successful, you should be able to attack the same city multiple times and get the same amount of resources each time. 
Gold and food are seldom glitched because there is no limit on gold and most people produce much more food than anything else or they have troops consuming it too fast and you will get 0 food. 

Very important, send enough troops and at’s every time you attack your glitched city or you may unglitch it. 
Happy hunting! 

A Minor Correction, I suggest you do not Spy on the city, Sometime spying on it can ruin any chance of it becoming a glitch. Everything else is what I always do.


  1. Thank you! A city of mine on one of the realms had been inaccessible until I read your advice! I hadn't necessarily abandoned the city, but I hadn't been there in some time.. I decided to build up that realm some, but every time I went there, there was zero resources. I tried staying logged in cause it had 100 per hour of everything. But it would always freeze or refresh and the res was back to zero.

    It seems I had a glitched city. Somebody prolly attacked it during the time I wasn't playing, and glitched it. I created another account, joined that realm, and sent spies and attacks on the city.

    It's unglitched! Thanks to you, I can play that city on that realm. I also know how to create my own glitched cities and have been doing so on the fake account I created.

    You rock! thank you!

  2. thanku bro, it works.


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