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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DOA Scripts / Tools Updated Firefox / Chrome / Rockmelt / Cometbird /

Updated on 29 / 12 / 2011

Map scan Working again

OK this is a guide to installing and using the powertools, a handy wee bit of software for Firefox, cometbird and rockmelt, that will play the game when you not there :D
DO this step by step or you will get it caught!!! 

Be using firefox and cometbird for this guide,

1. Goto this link and install greasemonkey

2. Block your referer - the guide is here

3. ENSURE referer block is enabled

4. Install the script here..

or *

*this link is updated and may not support firefox and cometbird but the newer version are coming so

For CHROME and rockmelt

1. Right click on your "Chrome" icon [either on your Desktop or your Taskbar]

2. Choose properties  At the end of your target line, place these parameters: --no-referrers Click OK  e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --no-referrers

3. after that click on this and install


for the heavier version with more options Kabalistics with MAp Search

Refresh page and you are good to go!!!
To set this up so it doesn't crash...

You will see 6 tabs...under the 'Attack' tab do NOT even click on 'maps' stick to the first 4 tabs only... Under 'Config' for ANY ATTACK YOU WISH TO USE change the timing protocol to [random delay between attacks] 90-99 seconds...this is used for 'Wave' also...otherwise it will crash out and stop for about 30min...very annoying. Everything else is self explanatory, 'Wave' will continually hit a single target with the troops designated. 'Attack' will constant farm all anthro camps with which you choose, do not mix troops or it will get confused and just stop ssd's only lbm's only etc etc all the way along. 'Jobs' and 'build' will auto UPGRADE anything you have a lvl1 build on when you choose it's setting, it will not build a new building for you, just upgrade...try not to use the 'Train' function as it is not so good unless you leaving for a long time and you still wish to make troops, otherwise try to manually set your troops up :) Research - only tick one box at a time and set to what you want it to, make sure you can actually research it or it won't work for you.
And finally - Under info tab you will see a 'refresh' button, this will refresh all info to go through the script instead of having to refresh browser :D


  1. can some one tell me how to farm wildreness with a script?

  2. what do i do with the file after i installed it?

  3. neither link for firefox works which makes me sad, i have been using mozilla for a while and am used to the script process for this browser please fix the links and i will use them thank you

  4. Neither fire fox or google chrome are working


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